I love getting a good massage. Why not with Latino music?

Hola Latin lovers!. I love a good massage. When I lived in Spain I used to get an expert massage more than once in a while but in Sweden, it doesn´t happen that often. I get in Spain is more common or my lifestyle is different here. I hope this changes ´cause I love this luxury thing!.
And you, are you looking for a way to spice up a massage, I’ve got just the thing. It’s called the Rhythm Massage, and it’s based on flamenco, salsa, and bolero music.
I just found out a massage therapist at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, got the idea for the service as she was dancing to Latin music in the car and realized that a massage could play off the beats of her favorite music. After studying the songs and matching different techniques to each one, she created two massages. I guess it’s like drinking a cup of Cuban coffee.
If your idea of a nice spa treatment is something that makes you completely zone out, go for the relaxing massage; She, Dayalis matches her long, sweeping strokes to the slower pace of bolero.  Just turn on your favorite Latin music.
Viva Latin music and Feelgood