Misslopez´s biggest icon: Swedish Pippi Longstocking

Hola amigos y amigas!. Today I am going to reveal to you one of my secrets so stay there and continue reading…You´ll find it out!.
What Hannah Montana have in common and Pippi Longstocking? Did Shirley Temple and the Olsen twins bring the same memories to you? During the last decades, film and television screens are giving with smiles and tenderness of young child actors, children’s true icons able to bring to mind strokes of the happiest time of our lives by watching TV series.
In my case, did you know that Pippi was my idol when I was little?. As a child I used to watch TV series in Spain and at that time I had no idea that Pippi was Swedish (maybe this is one of the reasons I got stuck in Sweden). Well, yes. Pippi has left a great influence on me and even it is the idea behind Misslopez: Dare to be yourself and think outside the box, giving the power of the seemingly less powerful and women. Pippi ‘s definitely been my idol and role model. Be a rebel!. Pippi has given me the inspiration, Thanks Pippi!
And You, who was your icon as a child?. Let me know!
Viva Pippi´s super powers and Feelgood