Megan Fox: “Getting married it´s the best I´ve done ever”!

Hello!. Here Megan in an Armani ad a while ago but first pay attention to her words. Good to know what she thinks about marriage after her private wedding in Hawai like Penelope Cruz by the way!.
Megan Fox has spoken for the first time about the actor Brian Austin Green now her husband. “Marriage is the best I’ve ever done,” said the actress to the magazine People last Friday during the presentation of the movie Passion Play at the Toronto Film Festival.  She said as well “I married my best friend. I have the fortune to be with him every day. He is my protector. I feel so safe, happy and full with him,” said a very happy Megan Fox.
Good some people are very happy about it. Get inspired by others happyness!
And you what´s the best you have done ever?. Tell me and Feelgood