Get your hair ready 2010 Fall season and Feelgood

Pelo tras el verano
Hello!, in a September friday morning!. I love September month but when it comes to hair care I feel it is time to do something after a sunny summer. Although sunny days will raise our spirits and our bodies, there are things that come off worst, for example, hair, one of the areas most affected by the radiation. The only ones who can benefit from the summer conditions are greasy hair, which become somewhat lighter and brighter. Despite this, whatever the type of hair needs after the summer a gentle treatment to normalize its functions.
Why is suffering after the summer?
Ultraviolet rays modify the structure of the hair fiber and alter the keratin. As a result, hair becomes dehydrated. As well the hair needs to recover from the summer and getting ready to face the new season.
The hairdresser, first visit
The best thing to do it´s to go to the hairdresser and maybe get the change for a new look.
Choose the right products
Another emergency measures to restore vitality to the hair are treatment products that help repair and protect against cold and wind of autumn. The use of masks nutrients to help restore flexibility and brightness of hair, and the use of conditioners and moisturizing shampoos hair care during washing.
Well simple but neccesary to gea healthy hair.
Tak care of your hair and Feelgod