Get inspired this Fall 2010 by women entrepreneurship you too!.

Hello amigos y amigas!. Do you know M. I. Lopez/Misslopez is ambassador for women entrepreneurship in Sweden?. By the way this is me in the picture. Today I have been invited to a breakfast for the new season so I feel like telling you about my mission so do no hesitate to contact me if you have any question. Send a e mail to

I´ll tell you what it is about. The ambassadors in Sweden are women running businesses of all sizes and companies in various industries. My mission with many more is to encourage entrepreneurship and increase knowledge of entrepreneurship. Ambassadors for the school groups, universities and in different networks talk about their journey and what it means to be a woman entrepeneur. As one of the ambassadors I will tell my stories and share my experiences as entrepreneur. The aim is to contribute to the knowledge of what entrepreneurship means and inspire others to see entrepreneurship as a possible choice and a means to implementing ideas. The work is on voluntary basis and the action extends until 2010.

The ambassadors will be part of the operation through a unique nationwide network of entrepreneurial women and the opportunity to make valuable contacts. The ability to meet other business women to exchange ideas and contacts are perceived by many as developing and rewarding both personally and commercially. The ambassadors have also received attention in national, regional and local media. They can also, through its influence policy commitment promote women’s entrepreneurship. Ambassador, no payment or compensation, but it is based on voluntary work, much like the work of a mentor.
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I think I am going to have a busy Fall 2010. I´ll keep you informed. See you!
Get inspired by women entrepreneurship and Feelgood!