Learn good food habits from the prestigious Spanish chef Ferrán Adriá

Hello!. As it is said “You are what you eat” and I believe in it, don´t you?. That´s why it is so important to get the right information about nutrition. Ferran Adria, the genius Spanish chef,  regularly participates in workshops about food habits at Alícia Foundation as you see in the picture. Since the opening of its doors in November 2007, more than 25,000 people have gone through the workshops of the Foundation Alicia. An entity, assisted by Ferran Adrià and the cardiologist Valentin Fuster, has among its objectives to promote a healthy lifestyle through food. For this purpose, the foundation organizes various educational activities, many of them specially designed for children. And is that according to Adrià, it is essential that children learn very early to eat right and the value it deserves. Here are some basic guidelines that the famous chef is proposing in this regard:

  • We must understand that it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Time can not be an excuse.
  • Eat cheap, rich and healthy is possible. Make a smart purchase and cheaply prepare your meals with vegetables and seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish.
  • No items are less worthy; some sardines or some fresh eggs may be more appealing and rewarding than the most expensive delicacies.
  • Cooking is the way we humans construct foods that suit us.
  • In addition, cooking is fun and can be done with the whole family. It is easier for children to enjoy anything if you have them participated in its preparation.
  • Eating together is essential to learn to eat and it is a social interaction.
  • Parents are primarily responsible for children to learn to eat everything (stimulating, but also scoring rules and, above all, giving example).
  • We should not forget that the balance is achieved by aggregating all kind of meals at home, at school, between meals …
  • We must appreciate the love in the food, or dedication I should say as well.

Prepare meals with Love and Feelgood
Balance is the most important!