Come to job speed dating this tuesday at Restaurant Ljunggren, Brunogallerian, Götgatan 36 in Stockholm

Hello!. This post in actually for those living in Sweden, Stockholm and looking for a better job. Well even for those who are not, so you get to know what´s happening here where I live. I have got this invitation and you reading this are invited too!. So come on!
Then are you young and hungry for jobs? Welcome to this autumn’s hottest job speed dating!
I  invite you to mingle and speed dating in pleasant environment for all of you who are interested in getting a job or just want to take action against youth unemployment TODAY. Come and mingle, meet our panel and talk with others who also had enough of youth unemployment. We can not wait any longer!
There you´ll be connected with experienced entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with large networks. Take the chance to sit down and exclusive network, among others!
Thomas Bodstrom, lawyer, author and former Attorney General, Linda lush grassland, lush grassland Media communications agency, Charlie Hansson, IT entrepreneur and CEO of Chas Visual Management, Ola Mattisson, president and creative director at communication agency 7billion and several others.
One in four young unemployed in Sweden. It is not okay! We can not wait to see the young talent reach their full potential. Act now!
Date: 7 September
Time: 18:30 to 20:00
Place: Restaurant Ljunggren, Brunogallerian, Götgatan 36
Åldersgärns: To participate, you must be at least over 18 years.
Registration: Do you want to come?. Register here
Welcome!. Misslopez will be there!
See you there and Feelgood!