Miracles can happen…Read this

Hi!. Miracles can happen sometimes. I just want to share this with you, so I would say believe in yourself!. You´ll get it later.
This is the miraculos story of Jamie, a baby that came up to life after dotors gave him up for dead. His arrival in the world is like a great Hollywood script involved. Last August, his mother, Kate Ogg, was put in childbirth in an Australian hospital.The doctors gave her and her husband, David, the worst of news. Her baby, born premature, would not survive. The mother took the child a warm blanket and put him on her own skin. And then something extraordinary happened. She heard her son so choppy respirators. “I then felt it move as if startled,” she said in a statement that includes the English newspaper Daily Mail were then reported it to the doctors but they told them it was just a reflex action and gave the child dead. But Kate did not give up and put on the lips of her child some milk and Jamie began to breathe normally. A while later he began to open his eyes and moving his hands.
Believe in your own intuition like this mother so miracles can happen: Feelgood