Lisen to Shakira´s new song in spanish: “Loca”

Yesterday you have got Shakira´s new album cover and today you can lisen to her new song, Loca in spanish. I guess everybody know what it means: crazy.
Shakira‘s first single, “Loca,” off of her new Spanish-language album Sale el Sol hit the web today. The tune is a catchy merengue remix of the El Cata song “Loca Con Su Tiguere.” She’s released the single in English with a verse featuring British grime rapper Dizzee Rascal and in Spanish featuring El Cata’s original vocals. Last month, Shakira got into some hot water after she took to the streets of Barcelona with Rascal and a camera crew to film the video. The video is just about having fun and being real in this amazing place with real people. Good idea, I think.
Tell me what you think aout her new song and Feelgood