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Zara fashion at Misslopez´s woman making of on TV4

Hello everybody and Spanish fashion lovers!. Here in the picture a Zara outfit. I like it, do you?

I am getting ready for my woman making of on Swedish TV4 next week and there are a lot of things to think of, like choosing the cloths for my Latino makeover. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Zara and the person in charge of shops in Scandinavia and I´ll have to choose what to take with me to the program. For sure it´s going to be a pleasure for me doing that as I love fashion and choosing cloths. In Sweden you can only find Zara and Massimo Dutti and I miss Bershka from Inditex as well.

Well, now I share with you news about Zara from Fashion from Spain. The Spanish multinational, Inditex, has exceeded its forecasts for the first six months of the year, with net profits of EUR 628 million, up 68% on the previous year.The total sales of the fashion giant – which owns major global brands including Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe – have risen 14% compared to the same period for 2009, exceeding EUR 5.500 million(EUR 5.525 million). The same is true of shop sales, which rose 5%.Chains too have seen a considerable rise in sales, with Zara Home at the helm with revenue up 37%, followed by Uterqüe which was up 28%, Zara 15%, Oysho 14% and BershkaStradivariusMassimo Dutti andPull & Bear all up 10%.In the same period, the group opened 173 new shops, taking its global total to 4,780 stores in 77 countries, employing 93,976 people, which is 6,900 more than the previous year.As a result of its new global positioning, Asia is the region with the largest number of openings, where the brand’s entrance into India has been a particular success with new POS in Delhi and Bombay.

Yes, this Spanish fashion company from my hometown, La Coruña, has made things right for sure and now I am going to make a woman making of on TV.

Enjoy my Latin makeover on TV next week and Feelgood

Zara online shop.

Follow Latin Misslopez and Zumba dance on Swedish TV program

Hello Latin Lovers! :). Misslopez and Zumbatwinz in Miami with the founder of Zumba in the pictures.

I am happy to inform you that Misslopez, as ambassador of the Latin trend with Misslopez´s blog and Zumbatwinz as Latin Zumba instructors will be on the Swedish TV program, Förkväll at 17:00 next Tuesday.

Well I guess this is just for the Swedish audiance but it´s a good start. I´ll be there as Latin fashion expert with cloths from Spain. I invite from here to watch me and Zumbatwinz!. Check Zumba and Zumbatwinz.

I´ll tell more later but you can check about Swedish TV4 channel if you want. Meanwhile I am looking for Spanish shops in the city of Stockholm to show you the latest Latin trends in fashion, from Spain.

I hope every woman get a bit of Latin touch anywhere you are.

Show off the Latin in you and Feelgood

Feelgood Womenhood everybody!

Watch a Latin makeover with Misslopez and Spanish fashion on TV

Hello!. Do you know that you can get tips on TV from Misslopez to have a Latin makeover with Spanish cloths and shoes…Yes, it´s true!.
By the way, next week, me, Misslopez I´ll be on a TV program in Sweden where I am going to make a Latin makeover to a Swedish girl-friend on air at Swedish TV4, Förkväll. I´ll tell you more later.
Yes I love promoting fashion from Spain where I am from and I feel happy to be a kind of ambassador for the Spanish brands as well, at least in Sweden. Here at Misslopez´s blog, you´ll get a lot of tips about Spanish fashion. Like the shoes you see in the first picture from the famous Spanish shoemaker from the TV serie, Sex and the City. Exciting if Carrie Bradshaw saw them in a shop. However, to gain a new and unique model of Manolo Blahnik, the star of Sex in New York would have to be in Spain, specifically to the capital.
This prestigious shoemaker get inspired of Madrid, to make a tribute to his roots. Like me, I want to make a tribute to my roots, Spain, specially Madrid now where my father and most of my family come from, through my blog, Misslopez.
These shoes made in silk fuchsia-purple color, assembled by hand, and with a vertiginous stiletto bending more than 11 inches, the models have the flavor of Madrid in every line and detail of its design, but are certainly the strawberry-shaped pompoms to get more attention. Bright colors taken from the Feria de San Isidro, elegant lines that emulate the motion of a bullfighter in the ring, the memory Goyesco … Madrid is the model for all those who seek to live an authentic experience in the style of ‘New York’, in the second picture, a unique opportunity which will only be on sale in the boutique firm situated in the Golden Mile of Madrid, the posh area, Serrano (like Stureplan in Stockholm or Manhatan in NY). By the way, I love Serrano area!
I want to make a tribute from here to the city where my father, Ricardo came from and myself have lived, the capital of Spain, Madrid. Viva Madrid!
And as Madrilian people say, from Madrid to Heaven= De Madrid al cielo!.
Feelgood if you visit Madrid. You´ll love it!
Check out Madrid and See you there!

Busy day as business woman today!

Hello world from Stockholm!. Today I´ve had a very busy day working as the business woman I am and now I am writting to you from my bed before I go to sleep after a long day, but I must say, I like it and I feel so good as it´s very inspiring!.
In the picture you see my business lunch today at Italian restaurant Vapiano in Stureplan, Stockholm and what you see are kind of rolls filled with salmon and spinach…really nice. But before that I went to a school as Ambassador for women´s entrepreneurship from the regional Growth Programme in Sweden to promote women in business.
Do you want to know what do I do as ambassador?
An ambassador visiting schools, colleges, networks, NGOs, etc. and talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs. An ambassador can also meet women who are looking to become entrepreneurs. A meeting with an ambassador can show that entrepreneurship can be an exciting career path.

What is my ambassador mission?

The focus on the ambassadors from the program “Promoting women’s entrepreneurship”, which Tillväxtverket in Sweden operates on behalf of the Government is to change attitudes and role models is an important feature of the program to promote women in business, much of which is about making women’s entrepreneurship more visible. The program aims to promote women in business so that more women driving, buying and developing companies. It contributes to increased employment and economic growth in Sweden. And you, what do you think we should do about it to promote women´s business?
Then I´ve had meetings all day…Yes I am a real business woman!
Venture out the business woman in You and Feelgood!=Feelgood Womenhood
Would you like to book me as Ambassador?. Check Ambassadorer

Summer is gone but Love is left in the air

Hi there!. Summer is gone leaving in the air a lot of Love this Fall. This has been the summer of weddings…for many celebs and Royalties.

Like the  great wedding surprise of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. And now she is expecting their first child. You know I think Pe is a lucky woman with such a nice guy!. Congratulations. By the way, next week I´ve been invited to the new film of Javier Bardem, Love Eat Pray in Stockholm and afterwards, I´ll tell you my thoughts about this film with Julia Roberts too.

Let´s see what Fall brings…

Let´s start this Fall with a lot of Love to everybody and Feelgood

Follow the Latin heritage month in Miami like Jennifer Lopez in USA

Hi there!. Now Latin news from the other side of the Atlantic, Miami!. Do you know they are celebrating the Latin heritage month there with parties, concerts…I wish I was there.
Here J.Lo and her husband in Miami. Last Sunday, Marc Anthony acted as guest artist at the football game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets at Miami Stadium Sun Life. By the way I love their music, both.
Marc played the U.S. national anthem along with the American Fergie and the presence of thousands of spectators, including his wife, Jennifer Lopez, and daughter Emme, two years. After his performance, it was time for football, American one. Anthony, who could not control his nerves, did not stop clapping, shouting and encouraging his team, the Miami Dolphins, with his wife, Jennifer Lopez.
In the meantime, the Spanish Enrique Iglesias also placed the Latin accent to the meeting in the context of Hispanic Heritage Month in Miami. The singer sang the song I like it, under the watchful gaze of his girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, who was among the public.
Let´s see more Latin news from another part of the world next time. To be continued…
Feel Latin in Miami and Feelgood!

Princes Victoria and Daniel celebrating the French roots of the Swedish monarchy in France. Have a look!

Hello!. I like that, a good exempel of culture mix, in this case within Royalty. Swedish royalty celebrating their roots in France!, as Bernadotte is originally from France.
I must say, you´ll find a lot of Latin touch in France as well, specially in the south of France.
Here Daniel and Victoria of Sweden in Paris yesterday began a four-day visit to France to celebrate the bicentenary of the Bernadotte dynasty in the Scandinavian country. An intense journey that will be remembered for being the first official event in which both Victoria and Daniel work together representing the kingdom and the debut of Daniel as Prince on the international scene.
According to Hola news, the visit opened yesterday with a reception at the Swedish Institute attended by 250 people.There, the Prince visited the exhibition Nordic Delight and waved to the audience before going to dinner with the Ambassador, the Director of the institute and other VIPs to an exclusive restaurant. The couple was received yesterday by the Mayor of Sceaux, the town where they married Bernadotte (who in 1810 was appointed successor to the Swedish throne and eight years later became effective as Charles XIV John) and Désirée Clary(Queen Desideria). Then visited a chocolate factory and as a finale of his second day in France, in Paris to attend a dinner hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Culture.

Princes Victoria and Daniel flew today to Pau, where they visited the Bernadotte Museum, which contains a sample of the Swedish artist Susanna Hesselberg. After attending a reception hosted by the mayor of this town, will return to Paris, where another reception scheduled at the Elysee by the President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and his wife, Carla Bruni. A visit to a school for children who are abused will be the only point in the day on Wednesday and return that night to Stockholm.
Viva cultural interconnection at all levels and Feelgood

Misslopez tips: Find time to pursue your dreams!

Hello!. This is me, Maria Isabel Lopez: Misslopez  so you get an idea of who is writting….
I must say this is one of my favourite subjects: philosofy!. Didn´t you know?. Finding the meaning of things, I love it!. And now I share with you my thoughts.
Like when someone says, “I have no time ” that is the number one excuse for not pursuing a dream or getting things done.  The thing is you can actually turn a dream into a goal if you put in writing and marks a deadline. But how do you find the time to devote to your dream, whether writing a novel, learn to crochet, design jewelry, running a marathon, back to college or take classes in tap dancing?
Easy if you think! (and the most important, if you want it):
1 .- Make a list of all the things you do on any given day that you do not really need to do, but you do anyway. Some have become the norm. Then, the most common:
– Spending hours on Facebook
– Chat
– Watching TV
– Gossip
2 .- Now make a list of everything you want to do but do not because you think you have no time. It can be anything, but I give some examples:
– Write a book
– Train yourself to a 5k, half marathon or marathon
– Go to school for jewelry design
– Start business
– Take belly dancing classes or Zumba!
3 .- Now set a goal to stop all at once the  things on the list number one and “pronto”, you have time to do things on the list number 2. It is about knowing what you want and giving it the priority it needs.
It’s not magic, but it works. I have further simplified my life and in the last months I managed to write, study, work…. And I thought I had no time!
Well I was wrong! I hope you too!.
Life is about finding the right things for you!.
Get what you really want and Feelgood!!!!!

Get your Latin style from the Milan Fashion week ss 2011

desfiles Milan Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 Alberta Ferretti

D & G

desfiles Milan Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 Prada


desfiles Milan Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 Sportmax


desfiles Milan Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 D&G

D & G

Hello!. Italian fashion at the Milan Fashion week spring-summer 2011. It´s good that Latin culture is in so many countries, from Italy, Spain…to the whole South-Central America and maybe part of USA?. The thing is the word Latin comes originally from the language spoken during the Roman empire long time ago...

You have plenty of countries to get inspiration of,  like Italy, and what´s best in Italian fashion right now?:  Milan fashion week.

After New York and Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week, the city of Milan takes over to reveal what trends will stay during the season of spring-summer 2011. But what has been so far?. Here you find the proposals from D & G, Sportmax and Prada, but more our coming this week.

I think red is coming strong. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Viva Latin style in fashion and feelgood

Viva Zumba and Zumbatwinz!

Hello!. Here Zumbatwinz, Zumba instructors from Stockholm that together with instructors from all over Sweden, showed their steps at Zumba cruise last weekend. I have been there as a partner doing marketing. I think everybody and the organisers are very happy about this event that went even better than expected. Zumba is very new in Sweden and still many people do not know what Zumba is: Fitness and Latino dance together at its best!. I think Zumba is coming more and more and now even Swedes are getting crazy about this trend originally from Miami. I believe Zumba is similar to Misslopez´s concept in the way that it´s latino to everybody!.
I hope  some of the people there at the event this weekend got inspired of Misslopez´s blog and I think it worked!. More than 300 hundred people came to Zumba cruise and it´s good for a start in Sweden. Next time we are going to be many more for sure!
Yes you should try Zumba, come on everybody!. More about Zumbatwinz and Zumba
Viva Zumba & Misslopez and Feelgood