The genius Spanish chef Ferran Adriá, is good in marketing too

Hello!. Do you know Spanish Ferran Adriá?. He must be the most creative chef in the world as well. He is for Catalan culture very much, and the chef Ferran Adrià does not hesitate to lend his image and his talent for promotion of Barcelona, Catalonia…when the occasion requires.
For example, the chef is one of the protagonists of the current campaign, ‘Fans of Catalonia “ (along with other famous names such as Jose Carreras, Custo Dalmau, etc). For his part, he announced yesterday at a press conference that he will also work on a new project to promote tourism in the Costa Brava and the new research center will be included that will open dining where currently located El Bulli, considered the best restaurang in the world for many years (now it is a research center for new meals).
I think he is a genius in his matter, a real artist in the kitchen!.
Viva la creatividad! and Feelgood