Swedish Shooting of a new film in Stockholm with Ola Rapace and Peter Magnusson

Hi there again!. Today I feel like being more personal so I´ll tell you this time what I have been doing today in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm, Sweden. During the morning I´ve been in the shooting as an extra of a new coming Swedish film for 2011. I think the titel is going to be “Stockholm-Båstad” and it´s a comedy, with Ola Rapace, by the way husband to Naomi Rapace, protagonist of the trilogy Millenium, Lisbeth Sallander in the film and Peter Magnusson in the other picture with the red jacket.

I won´t tell you more about this Swedish film for the moment, just that I´ve had a great time as you can imagine.

More coming soon…

Enjoy Swedish films and Feelgood