Dessert “a la francesa” for your luxury days

Hello in a Saturday afternoon!. I must say I love this french dessert!. By the way, I love this picture, too!. 🙂 Classic, simple and delicious: the ‘macarons’ represent the chic dining  that come from the heart of Paris. Small delights prepared from almond ganache and sugar, in an infinite variety of flavors and colors that make them the ideal dessert for the eye as well. Vanilla, mocha, rum … the popularity of these small and delicate cookies has led them to travel around the world, and it is common to find them in coffee shops and bakeries in cities like New York, London or Madrid. Now in Stockholm, too.
The latest: the towers of macarons, an unique and surprising alternative to traditional wedding cake, crunchy crust and creamy interior, inspired by the French wedding cake, the Pièce Montée, traditionally made with cream-based cakes and dough choux. A chic touch of the story by the court of Marie Antoinette herself like in the picture.

Where to find:
in Delipanific, Moulin Chocolat or Mallorca. On the website of Pierre Hermé place orders remotely, and distributed to Belgium, Germany and Spain, among others.

I think everybody need luxury days sometimes and what´s best than French macarons for your dessert!.
Enjoy “macarons” for your days of luxury and Feelgood