Do you believe in inmortal beauty?. Have a look at Marilyn Monroe

Hello!. Here the ever loved and admired Marilyn Monroe!. Actually I do think it is something else, it is more than beauty. It has allways fascinated me her charm and carisma and it makes me wonder what really makes her so special even today. What do you think?.
Imagine the number of blondes that have gone through the big screen since the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe. However, none has managed to wrest the job of being the most spectacular blonde of all time, and this is confirmed by a survey conducted by One Poll. Neither Madonna, not Scarlett Johansson or Charlize Theron have been privileged to take the throne that Monroe has earned, to be the most desirable blonde in history.
Those who have made themselves a place in this list are two other great beauties of the twentieth century, such as Grace Kelly, in second place and the sensual Brigitte Bardot, who has hung the bronze medal.
In my opinion it is about her charm and carisma, as she is the esence of feminity in herself, kind of naive but not and very, very playful. By the way, so genuin as well!.
Viva la feminidad! and Feelgood Womenhood