A very well mannered American man in Spain: Woody Allen

Hi there film lovers and latin lovers!.
Here Woody Allen in Spain, Oviedo today promoting his last film…
Woody Allen is the perfect guest!. Thankfully, well educated, with kind words for everyone this time at the press conference in Spain today. When he has been asked about the Spanish actors he said according to El Pais The Spanish are very good actors and have gained popularity in recent years and are the best in the world. There was a time when the international actors were Italians (Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni), then French, the Swedish and Spanish now. I have lucky to have worked with the best. Our collaboration has been very easy and a great experience. If the story asks, would be a great pleasure to repeat them. . Great he thnks so!

Finally, in the press conference had positive comments for everyone … He talked about shooting: It’s not hard to shoot a film a year. The problem is money, and I have luck. If you have the money to make the film is not a great effort: preproduction, wheels and ride. Bergman( from Sweden )and Buñuel ( from Spain) came to shoot more than one per year. Most of the time is wasted looking for the money. “

He only had two moments when he got more  serious when he spoke of the current American cinema and the possibility of autobiographical touches in his films. First things first, said: The current American film only thinks about making money, not in the originality. The opposite of European films. It is true that my country only gets a handful of European films, I assume that we receive the best ones. Of course today is a more creative culture. In the United States and no one thinks of originality. “ After being in Avilés, Oviedo he will return to New York tomorrow, to his Manhattan.
Interesting, isn´t it?
Viva good Spanish actors as Woody said and Feelgood