Woody Allen from Paris to the north of Spain, Oviedo that he loves!

Hello!. More filming news!. I can´t help telling you about this matter!. Here Woody with Hollywood star Scarlett.
Two great film directors, Woody Allen and Almodovar both at the same time in the north of Spain, very close to each other.  Almodovar shooting  in Galicia and Woody Allen promoting  in Asturias. Do you know that Woody Allen after shooting in Oviedio, Asturias,“Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” has fallen in love with this place, in the green Spain?. Yes and he comes back everytime he has the change!.
Woody Allen takes his last moments in Europe. On Saturday, finished the filming of Midnight in Paris in the French capital,  with Carla Bruni, rested Sunday and Monday has started  two-day promotion in Asturias ‘ll meet the man of your dreams,  his latest comedy, which opens in Spain on Friday. The American director has advanced his trip to Spain to be on Monday in Oviedo, where he presented a promotional tourist campaign of Asturias. He may retire in Asturias, if he does… For now his next film is with Spanish Antonio Banderas in the cast.
I am so proud🙂
Enjoy a different part of Spain and Feelgood too
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