New Miss Universe titel: Viva Mexico!

Hello!. I know what many of you may think about this matter: what a superficial issue to talk about!, and not in favour or women´s right, maybe?. I am not going to star a discussion as I can not say I am totally against it,  but I want to leave the door opened to get your feedback. It seems anyway that most people get fascinated by beauty and glamour and it may make sense in a way. We need glamour and beauty. That´s it!
Jimena Navarrete in the picture from Mexico that  lives in New York, and works with humanitarian foundations promoted by Miss Universe and its president, Donald Trump is the winner of Miss Universe crown 2010. One thing about her is that she seems to have a lot of confident in herself as she was not nervous before the competition so her dream came true. She has good words as well according to Hola, Check it out!: “Beauty is very subjective. It is simply an agreement between a person or object and the person who sees it, by that I mean you can be beautiful to someone and not be for another.The beauty really important is the interior, which is the one that lasts forever ”
Jimena, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico), is a proud Mexican and the country’s president, Felipe Calderón, in Twitter congratulates her for the crown. Viva Mexico.Congratulations!
And you, what do you think?. Do you think we need a Miss Universe in our world?🙂
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