Misslopez fashion tips: Hippie-Chic Adlib style in late summer from Ibiza

In the picture: Long jacket and skirt from Dolce & Gabbana adlib style
Hello!. Talking about late summer…Fashion adlib from Ibiza is one must in your summer wardrobe. I love it! so I  tell you what you need to know about this trend, to have as one of your outfits this season. This is th closest way for you to get chic-hippie style.
This trend is born in the 70s, the result of cultural exchange between the hippies who settled in Ibiza, Spain and the islanders. The tourists found  in these clothes comfort and also the sophistication of white.Today,  fully seated and is recognized worldwide.The adlib fashion is again renewed every summer, according to the original fashion of the white isle, Ibiza.
Color: white, made in natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, with lace and embroidery typical of the island. Misslopez suggestion: with Panama hat and brown leather sandals.
Enjoy late summer with Adlib white fashion from Ibiza!. Get the hippie out of you and Feelgood!