“Men sana in corpore sano” and Feelgood, with yoga

Hello there!. Today is Saturday so time to recharge batteries!. One of the best things you can do is yoga so here come more tips for you from our yoga expert Marisol Hume in the picture. More info about yoga in Marisol´s blog.
Two words to have in mind in yoga: Ha and Tha, form the word Hatha. Ha means sun and Tha means moon.Yoga, among its many meanings means union. Hatha yoga is physical yoga – body work, yoga united forces, symbolized in the figures of the sun and the moon. It is the union of the principles of opposite and complementary energies inherent in all matter and life.
The most tangible we have to come to mind is the body so through our body we get in contact with our mind: body and mind together.
We present three positions to work the whole body stretching. Left: One-Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose. We encourage beginners to try the position without raising legs. For the more advanced in the reverse direction, we present two variants (top right): Inverted Bow Pose in advanced variation of straight legs, and one that is easier to well-known position by dancers (right below).
I love this expression in old Latin everybody know at least in Spain: “Men sana in corpore sano”, something like a healthy soul in a healthy body. Even at the times of the Roman empire people knew the connection betwen your body and your mind/soul!.
So keep a healthy body and Feelgood everybody