Misslopez fashion tips: Join the fluoride trend

Hello everybody!. I love this colour now. Even the great Sarah Jessica choses the yellow fluoride to the premiere of her movie Sex and the City. This shows us how celebs impact in our choises and now this new season, the fluor trend is coming. I love it!
Is clear: fluoride sweeps. And yet,  you’ve sworn that never would put some of those colours…well.
It’s time to change your mind! Take a challenge!.
The thing is several designers, includingVersace, Marc Jacobs and Salvatore Ferragamo have bet on colors in fluoride to star some looks from their collections.
So you are not crazy, not at all!. After all the pale colours from the last season like nude (that I love as well), it is time to get fluoride!. As we say in Spain, “en la variacion esta el gusto”, that means something like in the diversity you´ll find the good taste. I agree, I love variation of colours in my wardrobe.
Colours are like therapy to me so…
Put colours to your life and Feelgood!