Are you ready for Zumba cruise in September 2010?. Come to Sweden!

Hi everybody!. Are you ready for Zumba?. Then come to Sweden next month Zumba cruise 2010. I am coming and Zumbatwinz are coming too!
Welcome to the first Scandinavian 2010  Zumbakryssning on Silja Galaxy, 25-26 September.
Zumba ® Fitness is the newest and most spectacular people’s movement in the world right now.Even in Sweden it is growing exponentially!. In collaboration with instructors Zumbacertifierade Zumbatwinz organized a cruise with workshops with instructors from all over Sweden and international visitors ..
You now have the chance to hang with on a busy Zumba cruise with:
, – Workshops
– Zumbaklädes sale
– Social Dance Party
The cruise is activities such as lectures, workshops and Zumba Master Class, especially suitable for both practitioners and instructors. Interesting features of excellent instructors and visitors, sales of Zumba cloths and accessories, makeup and other fun activities such as dancing in the evening to hot DJs, shopping, good food, etc.. In addition, the party band playing in the nightclub, troubadour in the pub and a pianist entertains at the piano bar.
Work out, hang out & have fun  Join the Party
LOCATION: Värtahamnen Terminal. The nearest subway is the drill field.
Departure: r Saturday September 25 kl.19.30 from Stockholm in Stockholm. The ship is back in Stockholm on Sunday the 26th kl.18.15
PS: 1 Free Zumba workshop / per person included in your trip. To book your free workshop you must book your trip and have a valid Booking!
To book: and you can also contact me directly at my e-post:!
Zumba and Feelgood