Time to celebrate with Günthers hovdessert love

Hi there!. As yesterday was Madonna´s birthday and we are in still having a good summer in Sweden, I share with you this recipe from the Swedish royal baker, with all my love to you. Love…in dessert!. Taste it and Feel Good!.
So start by making crisp. You need: 250 grams branflakes, 100g nougat, 100 grams of dark chocolate. Then melt butter, mix in nougat, chocolate and branflakes. Spread on a baking sheet, put in fridge.When the mixture is hard, break it into smaller pieces.
Boil a strawberry-curd. The recipe can be found below on this page (fruktcurd). Follow the recipe carefully. Fill a champagne glass up to a third. Sprinkle on a crispy up to yet a third. Set in the fridge.
For the Champagne Sparkling you need: 4 egg yolks, 65 grams sugar, 4 leaves gelatine, 125 grams of Champagne, 1 cl Marc de Champagne, 4 egg whites
60 grams sugar, 500 grams whipped cream or lactose-free cream
Then: Whisk egg yolks and sugar in water until the mixture thickens. Soak the gelatine leaves, melt them and add. Add the champagne and Marc de Champagne. Beat the egg whites and sugar to the meringue and add. Whip the cream and mix gently for even it to an airy mousse.
Fill champagne glasses with the mousse and garnish with a strawberry, wild strawberry and a lime slice. Serve well chilled with champagne.
And of course, Enjoy!
More coming soon…:)