Royal Brownies à la Günther for your coffee break

Hello!. And if in my past post I share with you Günther´s tips  with white chocolate, now here it comes another tip to make a real good brownie à la Günther, our prestigious royal baker from Sweden. Get inspired now when it is time to come to office again after summer vacation so you know what to have at your “coffee break” at work. Share this recipe with you and you will be the most popular!.
You need: 140 grams butter, 280 grams sugar, 45 grams of dark cocoa, 20 grams (about one tablespoon) brown syrup, 140 grams (about three) eggs. 140 grams finely spelled, 3 grams of salt, 1 / 2 vanilla bean.
You do so: Mix quickly all ingredients at room temperature in a smooth household assistant or blender. Do not mix too long! Fill pie dish or roasting pan, sprinkle with plenty of walnuts, pine kernels or pecannötter. The nuts can be excluded. One can take for sunflower seed if allergic to one half. Bake at 185 degrees about 20 minutes. It should be a little gooey. Feel with your fingertips.When the fingertips fall down a bit, it’s great. Let stand in refrigerator until the next day. Then we put in chocolate.
Recipe for truffles
280 grams cream
60 grams sugar
75 grams of glucose
The boil and turn this over:
300 grams of dark chocolate (65 percent)
150 grams of milk chocolate (38 percent)
20 grams Marc de Champagne (or a good Grappa)
Mix all ingredients into a smooth mass distribution and the brownie bottom. Make your own pattern.
Enjoy brownies à la Günther. Be the Queen (or the King) of your office and Feelgood!