Michelle Obama chooses Spanish shoes

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I am back again and this time with Spanish brands that I love so much, as shoes and I am proud to tell you that Misslopez agency is bringing a new label to Sweden, Victoria Delef. By the way, do you know Spanish shoes are considered to be one of the best in he world?. I think so.
Even America’s first lady wears Spanish label Alexia sandals for a splash of elegance with her more casual looks like in this picture. Michelle Obama has chosen one of the creations made by the brand from Alicante this summer.
According to Fashion from Spain site, her choice is the flat Alexia sandal, which has an anatomical shape and is made from high-gloss calfskin, decorated with large Swarovski sew-on stones in crystal jet, rounded off with a grosgrain bow. Michelle Obama was seen wearing Alexia on July 16, when she took the Air Force One to spend the weekend with her family.
The first lady’s style has been praised by fashion experts the world over, and this is not the first time she has donned a Spanish brand to enhance her customary elegance.
As well as its prestige in the USA, the shoes/sandals Pedro García brand she is wearing has gained a foothold in other international markets, including Asia, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal and the UK.
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Soon I will be coming back to you with my new brand from Spain as agent for retailers, Victoria Delef. Send me an e mail and I´ll tell more in detail:
Enjoy Spanish brands in fashion and Feelgood