Chocolate wedding dresses for Princess Victoria of Sweden by royal baker Günther Koerffer

Hello!. Do you like chocolate?. I hope so and now you have the change to see what you can do with it in the most amazing ways!.
Our royal baker, Günther Koerffer has sent me these pictures to share them with you that I have found very interesting. This is called, Spanish chocolate technology that it is a way for sculpting in chocolate. Günther Koerffer has been in charge of the Chocolate Festival in Stockholm for more now than eight years at the Nordic Museum in the nordic capital, Stockholm. In last edition the mission was to create wedding dresses in reference to the upcoming, at that time, wedding between Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel. I mean these pictures were before their wedding. Günther Koerffer is the iniciative taker as well as the jury in this competition. Could you imagine Princess Victoria in one of these dresses?. Sure Victoria and Daniel´d had the sweetest wedding night with one of those. Sweet idea!. 🙂
So now you now the chocolate wedding dresses proposals, Princess Victoria had for her wedding, which one of those would you have chosen?
Myself I like the last one of the serie. And You?. Send me a comment and tell me. Thanks!