Misslopez weekend tips: Muffins for breakfast from royal baker Günther Koerffer

Hi!. Thank God is Saturday today so as I have much more time in the morning, I will try with these royal muffins from our royal baker: I share with you these delicious muffins and the recipe is from Günther Koerffer. Mind you, this is the Swedish muffins, not the inflated (big) one from the U.S..
So you need: 1kg margarine / butter, 8.5 dl milk, 2200 gr Sugar, 1 liter of eggs, 1.6 kg wheat flour, 50g baking powder, 300 grams of powder kokbar custard, a vanilla pod, grated peel of one lemon, a pinch of salt. Follow these steps:Heat the margarine / butter significantly (not boil). Mix eggs and sugar fluffy, add all dry ingredients, flour, baking powder, etc. and pour in the heated milk and butter mixture. Set in refrigerator overnight. The day after, you can fill in the muffin cups. Mix in desired fruit, type blueberries, apples or gooseberries. Bake at 180 degrees about 15 minutes.
Tip 1: You can also mix in the grated carrots, pour into a roasting pan, decorate with philadelphiatopping and presto, you have the Carrot cake.
Tip 2: It is perfectly possible to have the batter several days in the fridge and bake fresh muffins every day.
Enjoy royal Swedish muffins from Günther and Feelgood