Get the love of your life and Feelgood

Hello again Latin lovers!
Here come my tips, not because I am an expert but as I find them interesting to share with You!. So let´s give it a try so you will feel very good, I promise. I guess my tips are for the female type, so Feelgood Womanhood anywhere!.
Would you like experiencing true love and connection with someone you care about?. Check this American program that will show you EXACTLY how to find the love you’ve been waiting your whole life and to do it in a way that will make you feel GOOD inside. I have got this site from an American girl-friend of mine when I came to Sweden and I think it´s worth reading it!. Check it out!: Have fun!
So now good tips: 1-Be optimistic, 2-Put yourself  in a good mood. Check your feelings, 3-Avoid media, too much focus on negative things I think, in this matter, 4-Visualize: very important, 5-You know, you deserve it!, 6-Discover your real you, 7-Live in the Now, 8-Seek the positives in people, 9- it´s not about them, 10-it´s about You, 11- Star feeling the love already, 12- Create a need in others, 13- It´s not about wanting love, you have it!, 14-Believe in your success, 15-Take care of yourself, 16- no maybe in your vocabulary, 17-Allways do your best, 18- go for it!. So in a few words: Be positiv whatever and  in love!
Be positiv and Feelgood
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