Get inspired by yoga expert Marisol Hume and Feelgood

Hello everybody!. Yoga to feel good!. Of course Marisol Hume, our yoga expert in the picture. Today the work of the body: A mind-altering toolThe constant work of the body, with a discipline such as yoga, dance, will make you achieve the transformation of your body and spiritual as well for better. She and I believe that human transformation, personal growth, lies in three key areas: unlocking and opening of the affective-emotional area, awakening the inner eye and consciousness.
Put this in practice with three asanas in the picture:
Above: Samakonasana, The position angle of 180 degrees. Special to adductors and the work of opening the hip joint.
Down Dandasana Chaturanga, the position of the crocodile. Perfect for strengthening arms
Right Eka Mukha PadaUrdhva Svanasana. The position of the dog that looks at the ground with one leg raised. Nothing better than for a total body stretching.
So let´s do it, get inspired by Marisol Hume from Chile living in Sweden and Feelgood