Feel like the Queen of the party with Günther Koeffer parfait!

Hello!. Today is still summer so I share with you this recipe from Günther, our royal baker at Misslopez. And this is because I want you to feel like the Queen (or the King) of the party, I mean really good!. So take the change if you want to celebrate at home and here comes his exclusive parfait, specially for you!.
The good thing about it, it is that is tolerated by allergy sufferers, a Souflé Glace Grand Marnier. This is a Parfait, that is half frozen glass cake and it is one of his favorites. In addition, you can make it if you want to lactose, also easier to make than sorbet, which requires constantly moving.
What do you need? 4 egg yolks, 65g sugar. 1 sheet gelatin, 125g freshly squeezed orange juice, 1cl Grand Marnier, Absinthe (Günther’s favorite), or other seasonings you want. 4 egg whites, 60g sugar, 200g whipping cream or lactose-free cream
How to do it?. Egg yolks and sugar whisked up preferably in hot water bath, until it receives the same consistency as mayonnaise. Add the soaked and dissolved gelatine in it. Add the orange juice and Grand Marnier. Beat the egg white with sugar now in a completely clean and fat-free buke to the meringue. Mix into äggulesmeten. Whip the cream in the bowl (without whipped) and in the case.
Now, add the batter into cups or any souffléformar that you have climbed on the outside with waxed paper so that the filling is a bit over the edge. Freeze it for a day. Sift the cocoa, pull off the paper, and presto, you have a restaurant dessert à la Opera basement (probably the best restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden).
Serve with an orange curd. And let me know how did it go!
Be the Queen (or the King ) of the party and Feelgood