Too nice to be Lisbeth Salander from Millennium

Hello!. Did you like the Swedish film Millenium?. Now i is time for the American version.
Lisbeth Salander is half-autistic, sexually ambiguous and a lynx into any computer network. But above all, as “nice” as a scorpion...So according to the paper El Pais, director David Fincher had to think that the angelic Carey Mulligan (An education) could not interpret it in the U.S. film adaptation of Millennium, the successful trilogy of novels of the late Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson. The one who is confirmed is Daniel Craig, who will be the reporter Mikael Blomkvist. The deal could be completed with Stellan Skarsgård (Angels and Demons), like the rich heir Vanger Martin, and Robin Wright (The shadow of power) as the editor and co-Blomkvist Erika Berger. Both negotiate their participation. The pools on who will be the wild hacker already been fired. Mulligan’s election seemed confirmed a few months ago but has come to nothing. “I can quell that rumor once and for all. I will not be me [the choice],” said British actress to the magazine Entertainment Weekly. Mulligan Fincher said ‘But I’m anxious to see the movie. I love books and I think it’s great “, added the performer, who had confessed his fascination for the character.
I think for any of them will be a challenge, not only because of the difficulty to please fans of the saga. And the one and only: Noomi Rapace. So far the greatest asset of the film is the director. Fincher has a degree with honors in thrillersdark, after Seven and Zodiac. The filming will take place between Stockholm and the United States. The release of the first delivery is scheduled for December 2011.
I really look forward to the shooting in Stockholm. I hope to get the change to work as an extra this time. By the way you may not know but I was an extra in one of the  films, Millenium with Mikael…
Sometimes you just simply can not be too nice…
Feelgood waiting for something good!