No crayfish party without the best bread: Günther Koerffer Crayfish Bread

Hello!. A promise is a promise and I am back again to you this time with a recipe from the royal baker Günther in the picture. Misslopez Blog has the pleasure to keep you updated with recipes directly from this German baker living in Sweden.  In the picture you see him with the Princess Victoria cake. In Sweden where I live it is typical to have a crayfish party this time of year and as Günther says, No Crayfish party without good bread!, so here it comes the  Crayfish Günther Bread, probably the best crayfish bread you can ever taste!, so give it a try and Feelgood everywhere in the world you are!.
First the ingredients, 50g crushed rye or wheat, 5 grams cumin, 5 gr fennel, 5 gr bitter orange. Then mix ingredients with 3 cup boiling water, let stand until it cooled down (possibly overnight), add 200gr sourdough (if available)  To continue: 3 cups water. 1 kg wheat flour, 50g margarine. 20 grams salt,25 gr yeast, 25 g of dark syrup. Mix the ingredients. Let rise and then shape the two loaves, which are crayfish body.Then make small round balls which are crayfish legs, tail and claws, these do so in shaping two balls and put pointy wrap. It is important that the details should be less than you think, because they ferment and get a look grotesque if they become too large.Therefore, the inner dough is also only with a little yeast, so the shape does not change so much.  Bake in bread, that is, bake in an oven heated to 250 degrees, descending from the starting temperature to 200 degrees for 30-40 minutes. The bread keeps the inner coarse grains and spices that match crayfish.
Recipe for Günther elderberry juice, all for crayfish
boil 1 lit water, 500 grams powdered sugar and a vanilla pod, split 2 lemons and a lime. Pour boiling syrup over 1kg elder flowers (it is also possible with other fruits, like rhubarb, strawberries, black currants, etc.)
Let stand in refrigerator overnight. Strain off all pour in clean bottles. The juice is suitable as a beverage for children, but is also excellent to use for a drink timber!. More about his recopes and tips, you´ll find on the Swedish Radio:
Just try the best in life and Enjoy!