Seduce in spanish and Feelgood!

Hola!. According to the Spanish paper El Pais, the Latino market is growing in USA and even McDonald´s is trying to “seduce” it by making ads in spanish like the one on YouTube. Have a look!.
According to the paper, this is one of the more effective advertising campaigns, as explains Juan Tornoe, an expert in marketing strategies that seek to Hispanic consumers … “The heterogeneity of this group of consumers is one of the most important challenges facing U.S. companies.
“All markets are likely to think of specific groups,” laments Felipe Korzenny, director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University. “Understanding the culture makes it possible to establish stronger connections and other opportunities. ” Culture, according Korzenny, is the key. The ads are always subgroups, whether young, working women, parents and athletes. And they all have different cultural characteristics.
Interesting, isn´t it?:)
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