Misslopez fashion news:Victoria Beckham´s handbags coming soon

Hello!. Do you know  handbags are one of the best accessories you can get, a girl best friend?. Yes I think so and Victoria Beckham too, I guess. It is clear that one of the favorite accessories of Victoria Beckham are the handbags and perhaps this is the reason why she has decided to create her own line of accessories. So the wife of David Beckham will release a new line later this year, according to Vogue magazine. The former Spice is already a renowned fashion designer and celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Elle McPherson like her fashion line as well.
By the way, soon Misslopez agency will bring a new line of accesories as well to sell on shops, so if you want more information please send me an e-post to: You´re wellcome and I will tell you more!
Feelgood with chic handbags!
Feelgood Womanhood

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