New bedding collection fall 2010 at Misslopez Agency

Hello!. Nothing better than sleeping in a good bed with the best of quality and ecological products!. Good for You!. You know that Misslopez agency sells bedding cloths as well to retailers. So do not miss our new collection för fall 2010. They are from the Spanish label Revert. See info about Revert.
I can say that in the course of time, Revert received experience in return, and that people from over 60 countries of all around the world consider Revert as a reliable company thanks to our engagement with “global quality”. Thanks to our flexibility, to our hard work, and to our ambition of progress, we have been and we are actually textile export leaders.
If you have a shop or want to sell bedding cloths of high quality, please send me an e mail to:
Have a nice dreams with Misslopez bedding products and Feelgood