Be the woman entrepreneaur you want to be and Feelgood!

Hello!. Today I feel to talk about strong spanish/latin women. There are many who think spanish women are not strong and can not be good in bussiness…I do not like prejudice and I want to show you there are good icons of the contrary. In fact you will be amazed!
I find very interesting to know about history so today I am going to tell you about The Queen Isabel of  Spain, Isabel la Catolica five hundred years ago in Spain. She has a very strong faith in God and was very religious but I am going to focus in the fact that she ruled the beginning of an empire with her husband but she was the one who did it actually. Today she should have been for sure a very good business woman  and in that sense she is one of my icons from history.
She  in 1492, Queen Isabel was convinced by Christopher Columbus to sponsor his voyage of discovery. The lasting effects of this were many: by the traditions of the time, when Columbus discovered lands in the New World, they were given to Castile one kingdom of Spain. Isabella took a special interest in the Native Americans of the new lands; when some were brought back to Spain as slaves she insisted they be returned and freed, and her will expressed her wish that the “Indians” be treated with justice and fairness.

Well anyway without this woman Columbus would have never discovered the New World, today America in the idea they were going to travel quicker to India.
Good Surprise!.
Today she is buried in Granada with her husband Fernando and yesterday Mrs Obama were very interested in the stories about this topic and her. Queen Isabel of Spain had all it is needed to be a good entrepreneaur even today!. And you what do you think about it?
Be the strong woman you want to be and Feelgood
Feelgood Womanhood!