Misslopez tips: Be the perfect host for outdoor meals

Hello!. Do you want to be the perfect host when inviting friends and family outdoors?.A meeting with family and friends outdoors is undoubtedly one of the most desirable alternative entertainment during the summer. If you have a large terrace garden or in your house and want to organize one of these evenings, do not miss these simple tips and practical advice.

  • If you’re inviting a small number of guests it is best to choose to ‘sit’ around a table (as if it were a meal in the interior). However, if you want to invite many people is preferable to opt for the classic buffet.Yes, in any case, there should be seats for everyone.
  • And crockery and cutlery, you do not opt for fine crystal and ‘the best of ceramics’.
  • You can make a center table made from your own garden flowers. It will give much joy to the table. It should not be very high, because it can block the view among the guests.
  • If you decide to put music in the background should be a quiet melody that leaves the guests talking and will never be above the volume of the conversation between them.
  • Remember to water the lawn in advance.Also, check every corner of the garden (it’s bad image a lunch or dinner in a place full of stubble and dried flowers).
  • If you want the menu reduced to a single dish, nothing like a paella or a barbecuevariety. In the case of opting for various dishes, remember that you should opt forsimple recipes, very light and refreshing: kebabs, salads, cold soups, carpaccio, grilled vegetables, fish and seafood grillFor dessert, a salad Seasonal fruit (withwatermelon, cantaloupe, peaches…) will be perfect, and ice cream of different flavors.

And the most important: Good Humor and Feelgood