Enjoy you too the most beautiful sunset in the world like the First Lady in Granada, Spain

Michelle Obama
Hi there!. More news from Spain about USA first Lady. She has been to one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain, Granada where she visited the cathedral, crowded by the people who wanted to look closely at the woman who is revolutionizing the summer in Marbella, but she did not enter the Royal Chapel, but by the sacristy. Mrs Obama showed great interest in the story of Queen Isabel (Isabel La Catolica from the times of Christobal Colombus)  and her mark in the United States at that time.
About 16:30 pm, as reported by EFE, Michelle Obama and her daughter went to the Sacromonte district to attend a flamenco show in the cave the dash, where the dancer Juan Andrés Maya and her family showed a zambra with a poem by Lorca. After the show, at about 17.30, she waited at the Parador de San Francisco for dinner and then when the Alhambra was closed to the public, they had prepared a private tour of its rooms, from which you can see a sunset has been defined as one of the most beautiful in the world.
I have been to Granada myself and It is worth it!. You should go as well
Enjoy the probably most beautiful sunset in the world and Feelgood