Have a look at this!: Spanish women no longer like hairy men

Hello everybody!. There was a time when women loved men to look like the bear, so” the hairiest, the most handsome one ” but no anymore… At least, according to a clinical study from London Clinic which found that Spanish women prefer men with “less” hair compared to the typical “Iberian men” from the old times.
Specially the hair on the chest and back…
According to the study, five out of ten women would remove “without doubt” the hair on the shoulders and back, followed by the chest hair, unsightly for 19 percent of the respondents. Some 12 percent also  the legs of her partner. The reason seems to want an athlete look alike by their side. The most positive aspect of the study is that men seem to agree with women. Men and older women has less problems with body hair, but new generations are for hair removal for both men and women.
Well, well, good to know you guys!. Everyday you learn something new. Time to suffer for men too..with hair removal!.🙂
And now, Feelgood everybody