Misslopez info: The visit of Mrs Obama tomorrow has an estimated value of 800.000 million euros in advertising for Spain

Hello there!. Maybe because I am from Spain and I live abroad, Sweden I love  stories about Spain but I love even more to share it with you!. It makes me feel good!.
Tomorrow Mrs Obama is coming to Spain and she is expected with open arms and happyness. By the way have a look on the video and you will see where she is going to spend the next four days with her daughter. The first lady of the United States and one of her daughters are about to come to Spain for a holiday in Malaga. Spain. The luxurious hotel chosen to receive them, Villa Padierna, is already preparing everything for the arrival of their guests, who is expected to have an  economic impact and in the media in  Spain.
Meanwhile, the 5-star hotel, Villa Padierna, is working with  all the details to receive a very special guest and has even installed at the entrance of the complex an American flag next to the Spanish banner, to welcome them. In addition, the expectation that generated Michelle Obama has forced the hotel to significantly increase security so that no unexpected incidents.
According to the media like Europapress, etc…the impact of the visit of First Lady will have much impact in the country, especially in the tourism sector as it can greatly increase the number of U.S. travelers who choose Spain and Malaga in particular as a holiday destination. From now until October, Malaga has a direct flight from New York, operated by Delta Air Lines, although the Andalusian Government is trying to make it permanently.
According to a study by Oak Power Company will be tracking over 660 televisions, 2,500 newspapers, 2,100 online media, 900 radio stations, 950 general magazines and another 900 from the scope directly. The number of impact resulting from this information will be 50,000, which, if one compares their costs as advertising, will have an estimated value of 800,000 million euros. The main reason is, inter alia, “the interest and sympathy that Michelle Obama wakes up in the international press.”
I am happy!. Good for Spain, for Mrs Obama and everybody!
By the way, what do you think of this hotel?.
Feelgood in Spain