The Vikings roots of Spain in Catoria, Galicia

Hello!. I come from Galicia a region in the north of Spain and I find stories like this very interesting to share it with you. Do you know Frederiksun comes from the Danish town which maintains a partnership with Catoira, a village in Galicia  whose origin, all fraternal, of course, goes back a millennium time?.
At that time, the Normans traveled to Arousa estuary in their rush to find a route to Compostela, the Jakobsland for new coming misty wood to their villages and fjords. Galicia was one of the few places in Europe where the dreaded drakkares received their own and threw miles. The legacy of all this is summed up in a glorious ruins of granite, flown by the bridge linking the two shores of the Ria de Arousa. But above all, at a party, a wild one, the Viking Romaria, that yesterday was fifty years.
For dinner, octopus and carneiro. To drink, beer and local wine. Holy Odin’s sake, can not believe the amount of fluid that fits into a horn!. The Danish delegation does not fool anyone. Big, blond, bearded them, came all the way from Denmark to celebrate the Viking party!.
So you didn´t know the Vikings have been in Spain, did you?.
Have a good time you too and Feelgood