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Check out "Lope" the new Spanish film about Lope de Vega

Hello!. A new Spanish film is coming. By the way, Lopez means descendent of Lope in old spanish. Lope means wolf in old latin.
You may not know, but Lope de Vega was one of the greatest novelists of the golden age in Spain together with Cervantes, Quevedo…so he is a big name in Spanish history.
After nine weeks for the shooting of the Spanish film “Lope”, produced by Porlan Spanish Antena 3 Films, El Toro Pictures, Ikiru Films and Brazil Conspiração Filmes the film is here. Lope’s life is in the words of this director, Andrucha Waddington, endless adventures and love, so exciting and passionate, that it seems written by a novelist.The cast includes Alberto Ammann, Leonor Watling, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Juan Diego, Luis Tosar and Antonio de la Torre, accompanied by Sonia Braga, Jordi Dauder, Antonio Dechent, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Carla Nieto, Mariano Venancio and Ramón Pujol .
The Lope synopsis of the film, directed by Andrucha Waddington, is:
A young soldier returns from war to Madrid in XVI century. Like hundreds of young people he still are not sure the way he wants to continue. While fighting for their concerns and ambitions, he meets  two women. A liberal, successful businesswoman, the other noble dreamer. He learns  real love, is hounded, jailed, threatened by thugs and bandits so he has to hide in the port of Lisbon. A story of love and adventure, about a man who knew how to love and told the stories better than anyone, Lope de Vega novelist during the Spanish golden age in the XVI century.
Enjoy Spanish history and Feegood

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez together in her 38th birthday

Hello!. What can´t be more Spanish than Diaz and Rodriguez, as surnames?. Well Lopez, maybe? 🙂
Cameron Diaz, the Hollywood actress just had her birthday. The occasion of the meeting Diaz-Rodriguez was the 38th birthday of Cameron that she keeps saying they are just friends. She actually has stopped out of the rumors and told U.S. Weekly: “No, no, no. I’ve been in several relationships since age 16. In the last three years, I have taken the decision not to get into another. I want a relationship with me now. ”
The questions: just friends or more than friends.And you, what do you believe?.
Keep your privacy for yourself and Feelgood

Dare to change your look like Rihanna

Hello!. Actually it is not just her, there are many more. When you change your hair colour you may want to say to the world, you are a rebel, that you follow just your rules…maybe?.
Well, the singer Rihanna has decided to change her look again. Assiduous to look changes, this time she has opted for a longer hair that has been stained with red dye fire. Rihanna, who even has placed some extensions, has taken advantage of her hair during her last concert shaking to the rhythm of her songs. Like fire by the way!
Dare to show the fire out of you and Feelgood

Are you good at breathing properly?. Read this!

Hi there!. Something very important today..I do believe breathing can make you feel good even better. I´ll share this with you. Breathing is fundamental: your health, your mood and your performance depend on it. It is essential to oxygenate the body. To breathe properly, it is important always to inspire through the nose because the nasal passages act as natural filters as well as air temperature equal to that of the body. Exhale slowly, expelling the air gradually and even feel how empty the lungs. Hyperventilation occurs precisely because of an accumulation of excess air, produced when it is not completely expelled.
It is also essential to maintain good posture with your spine straight and support the body structure in the kidney area, both when you are standing or sitting. The rhythm of quiet breathing of a normal person is around 15 times per minute, and during intense exercise can reach 50.
All of these tips will make you feel good, because the lack of air and inadequate breathing can cause various side effects such as nervousness, sleep disturbances, restlessness and tension. This is one of the reasons why there are respiratory therapies that help solve energy blockages, and often very effective to release hidden tensions. And an additional advantage is that deep breath strengths the muscles of the abdomen, the kidney area and back, helping to improve the figure and make it look slimmer. Also, if you’re stressed, try to breathe deeply, calm probably will recover.
Learn to breath properly and Feel even better!

Support people in need as Sandra Bullock in New Orleans

Hello!. I must say I like when celebs use their status to help people in need. Actually I think it is a very good idea. As you may know, it is now five years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans and rebuilding efforts have not yet finished. To see up close how will this work, the area these days has received visits from such well-known faces such as Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the U.S. president, Obama to help people in New Orleans after the tragedy of Katrina.
In the picture Sandra Bullock, whose relationship with the city is even more closely following the adoption of his son Louis, born there. With a pretty blue dress and straight hair, cut the ribbon Sandra to open the doors of a free clinic that is located next to Warren Easton School, the oldest of the city, which donated money to slow down the effects of flooding.
Support people in need even if you think it´s just a bit, and Feelgood

Swedish Shooting of a new film in Stockholm with Ola Rapace and Peter Magnusson

Hi there again!. Today I feel like being more personal so I´ll tell you this time what I have been doing today in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm, Sweden. During the morning I´ve been in the shooting as an extra of a new coming Swedish film for 2011. I think the titel is going to be “Stockholm-Båstad” and it´s a comedy, with Ola Rapace, by the way husband to Naomi Rapace, protagonist of the trilogy Millenium, Lisbeth Sallander in the film and Peter Magnusson in the other picture with the red jacket.

I won´t tell you more about this Swedish film for the moment, just that I´ve had a great time as you can imagine.

More coming soon…

Enjoy Swedish films and Feelgood


Demi Moore loves Twitter. Enjoy social networking you too!

Hello!. Do you know social networking can be very good for you?. Yes it´s true. I´ll tell you about my research another time. You will be more connected to people so you will feel good, very good, indeed.
Celebs have been using it as well to connect and create a new ways of comunication. Actually it is not the first time that we can see Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore publish their own pages on social networking site Twitter. By the way, here in the picture. This time the couple tried some black rimmed glasses that the actress was in charge of publishing so their followers could see the snapshot. But they are not the only characters known in the international arena that frequently use this website, Ricky Martin, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga, among many, also inform their fans about their latest news.
Use social networking and Feelgood

The genius Spanish chef Ferran Adriá, is good in marketing too

Hello!. Do you know Spanish Ferran Adriá?. He must be the most creative chef in the world as well. He is for Catalan culture very much, and the chef Ferran Adrià does not hesitate to lend his image and his talent for promotion of Barcelona, Catalonia…when the occasion requires.
For example, the chef is one of the protagonists of the current campaign, ‘Fans of Catalonia “ (along with other famous names such as Jose Carreras, Custo Dalmau, etc). For his part, he announced yesterday at a press conference that he will also work on a new project to promote tourism in the Costa Brava and the new research center will be included that will open dining where currently located El Bulli, considered the best restaurang in the world for many years (now it is a research center for new meals).
I think he is a genius in his matter, a real artist in the kitchen!.
Viva la creatividad! and Feelgood

Only for VIPs. Rest as a "maharajah" in Marbella and Feelgood

Hi!. I love the good life! 🙂 Actually I´ve been there and I´ve liked it!. Marbella and Puerto Banus are known to be  “la creme de l´creme”  för VIP´s world over. Marbella in Spain is only for VIP´s…(maybe you are the next one).  I´ll tell you why but what not to try to visit?.  If you can afford it, Feel like a VIP in Marbella!
Tycoons, artistócratas, kings, elite athletes, people in show business … and last, Michelle Obama and her court. There are many celebrities who have fallen in love with the capital of the Costa del Sol And they are also those who have given a breath of fresh air to this city, after a relative calm returns to recapture the spirit of luxury, glamor and the good life. Now’s your turn to discover the most exclusive locations. Check it out!
1. Sleeping like a King or a Queen
Marbella has exclusive residential areas along its 24 miles of beaches. You may prefer to rent a villa, but if you like is to rest as a maharajah with all the attention of the world the hotel Villa Padierna, which hosted the U.S. first lady this summer , is one of those unforgettable places. So are the Don Carlos Resort, Le Meridien Los Monteros or the Puente Romano, resting place of great stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand, Julio Iglesias, Gina Lollobrigida, Sean Connery and members of several European royal families.
2. Find out the old town
Many are surprised when they come to Marbella and face miraculously preserved old town that invites you to walk. Around the Plaza de los Naranjos, the axis on which turns the city, huddle a handful of narrow streets, many of them paved the looming full of flowers, whitewashed houses. The tower of the Church of the Incarnation, the cloister of San Juan de Dios Hospital and the remains of the Arab castle and the wall will surprise you in the journey.
3. Flavors of many stars: very good cuisine
Innovative, bold and unique for its gourmet cuisine, the three restaurants in Marbella that have Michelin star is an ideal choice for a luxury lunch or dinner: Calima , at the Gran Meliá Don Pepe, ” Skin and Lake. Haute cuisine at more affordable prices in the gastrobar The Iberian Moraga, Puerto Banus, the famous restaurateur Dani Garcia.
4. Shopping and yachts in Puerto Banus
Puerto Banus still retains the aura of exclusivity that unattainable given by their yachts and their stunning vehicles parked at berth and dock walk. Its owners not only spend hours in them, also practicing upscale shopping in the boutiques of the most selective firms that meet in this port of popularity: Armani, Gucci, Escada, Guillermina Baeza, Loewe.
5. Sea View Golf
If you are the type that you like the sun near the sea and can not live without practice your swing, Marbella has many golf courses, including La Quinta Golf, Marbella Golf, Rio Real, the Aloha Golf Club and Golf Las Brisas.
6. Body worship
In addition to the luxurious spa luxury hotels, Marbella has internationally recognized centers for health and welfare such as the Buchinger Clinic, the Medical Incosol Hotel & Spaor the Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf Resort.
6. Champagne and party at the beach clubs
At dusk, the beaches of the city are decorated with furnishings chill out of the bars converted into exclusive terraces. In front of the beach and with maximum discretion as the Ocean Club is one of those places to pockets of high purchasing power in those who lose track of time.Round beds, massages on the sand, endless parties with champagne, music with dj’s and a creative cuisine in its restaurant. In the same vein, the Nikki Beach.
7. Rent a boat
It is an excellent option to enjoy a real holiday in the Costa del Sol and its coastline tour, scuba diving, to fishing, sunbathing or take a bath at sea.
8. Experiences for millionaires
From renting a private jet or a luxury car and buy a submarine, ride the world’s most expensive yacht or learn to fight in, look at the services offered by Theresa Bernabe.
Marbella Tourism
I hope this is good enough for you. Feel very good indeed in Marbella, Spain!

Check out Miss Universe 2010´s ways to make the world a better place!

Hi there!. Miss Universe 2010, Latina Jimena Navarrete from Mexico delivers laughs with David Letterman´s show just a few days ago. She has a top ten list to make the world a better place and have fun!. Check it out!
Make the world a better place even with humor if necessary and Feelgood!
By the way, this is a good way to use the titel of Miss Universe 🙂
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