Misslopez tips: Enjoy a delicious sweet wheat bread from the Swedish royal baker Günther Koerffer

Hi everybody!. Here at Misslopez we just want to give you the best!. Thanks to my blog,  I have got in contact with the Swedish royal baker ( well, he is actually originally from Germany)  so I am very happy I will be able to give you delicious recepts and ideas for your sweet moments at home or everywhere. Today I suggest Gothenburg wheat bread with the touch of the prestigious and friendly Günther Koerffer in the picture at the wedding of Prince Victoria and Prince Daniel. He has been in charge of the Royal wedding cake as you can see…and Victoria seems to be so happy!.
Here comes the Gothenburg wheat bread´s recept he just sent me so I can share to all of you: the interior is actually very easy to bake up. Therefore, it lurks the dough.
Ingredients 200gr flour, 20 g Yeast, 1 dl. Milk, Mix well. let rise for at least one hour, 1.3 kg wheat flour, 4 cups water. 250gr, white syrup, Yeast 100gr. 50g Butter. 250gr margarine. 8 g of freshly ground Karadmumma. 6 grams of salt. Add this together , mix gently to loosen the dough.
Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 25 to 30 minutes; do not overbake. Let dough rest in cloth, then make wreaths, cinnamon buns with a filling of almond paste 300gr,  200gr butter 100gr sugar. blended to smooth mass. Season with cinnamon, nuts, pistachio, karadmumma. Here it comes and Enjoy!