New Almodovar film with Antonio Banderas…will be shooting in my hometown, A Coruña in August 2010

Hello!. Have a look at A Coruña where the new film of Almodovar will be shooting next month !. In  A Coruña, Spain Pedro Almodóvar  searches extras for his next film, The skin I live. Last tuesday at ten o’clock began the casting  until eight o’clock in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Caixa Galicia Foundation in A Coruña. During august 2010 will the shooting in A Coruña of this new Almodovar film with Antonio Banderas and many more…Many have been in this casting with the dream of participating in an Almodóvar film, and perhaps become an Almodóvar girl. Almodovar ´s production company is called El Deseo in Madrid: El Deseo. Mercedes the person in charge of casting send me an e mail but I am afraid I am not spendng my vacation in A Coruña right now and I haven´t been able to be in this casting.Maybe another time!. In Stockholm perhaps? 🙂
Feelgood with Almodovar´s films!
I look forward to seeing this new Almodovar film!