Misslopez tips for stressed mothers and everybody

Hi there!. I am sure you (even more mothers with small children) know the tyranny of the clock. The stress is resulting in all sorts of health problems. So it is important to stand up ideas, therapies and all kinds of resources that allow a fuller and happier life.
Here come my tips to help you Feelgood!
Breathe deeply. Spending just a few minutes a day to breathe deeply can restore internal harmony and relieve stress significantly. It can be easier or cheaper: just take a break and concentrate on breathing, breathing deeply through your nose. Put your hand on your stomach helps you feel how the air into the stomach, feeling swollen. It works!
A zen moment. Live s in the here and now, and do it with consciousness. This concept applies to any daily activity, even the most everyday, like brushing our teeth, so try to concentrate on every movement, feeling the touch of the brush, toothpaste flavor … So, you contribute to stop the incessant flow of ideas and thereby improve the spirit and enjoy more of every moment, like a treasure.
The power of color. Chromatherapy is defined as the use of colors to improve health and restore the harmony of the body. To benefit from its effects, you can go to centers specializing in color therapy, or do something as simple as sitting a moment with some of these colors, looking at them or closing your eyes and visualize objects these tones.
A different massage. They are the favorite cosmetic for stars like Madonna or Nicole Kidman…How about a voucher for a massage as a special gift for your next birthday or Valentine’s Day?
These are simple tricks but If you really try, you will see a change for better!
Cool Down and Feelgood