Misslopez info: do you know what Zumba is?. Have a look at Zumbatwinz!

Have a look at Zumbatwinz site!

Hi everybody!. Here Zumbatwinz in the video. Have a look!
Do you know what is ZumbaFitness ®?
Zumba ® is dance-inspired workout, the founder is from Colombia, Beto Perez. He by mistake came up on this training form when one day he would keep in their aerobics class, and discovered that he had forgotten his music, nimble-witted, he ran out of the car and pulled out his favorite records and began to improvised music. The pass became the first of many Zumba-pass! In Colombia, Zumba has been around since the mid-90s, and in the late 90’s Beto moved to the United States when in 2002 and took Zumba became big and have now also come to Sweden.
I tell you more!. Zumba ® classes:
First, it is fun, different, easy and effective! Moreover, Zumba ® one Latino-inspired dance fitness class with music from the Latin American music world. Zumba ® combines fast and slow rhythms, involves interval training to burn fat and strength. The movement of Zumba ® are easy to follow and that feels more like a party than you are on a workout. In Zumba used music from the Latin American music world, and those who can dance no doubt recognize some of the steps used. Try at home and you will see how nice you feel!.
Zumba goal and our goal : To have fun while you exercise and Feelgood
Viva Zumbatwinnz!. More info coming soon…