Wellcome to the world of Zumba with Misslopez and Zumbatwinz

Hola amigos y amigas!. Misslopez in cooperation with  Zumbatwinz are happy to star bringing news to you from the world of Zumba, News from the Latin world!. Today I am going to introduce you these dancing, inspiring young ladies!. Here in the picture!. Zumbatwinz are two Spanish from Mallorca / Swedish too twins from Stockholm called Tania and Alicia, together they have firm TA Health. Their passion for dance and fitness world has  grown with time as they  have been dancing since childhood different dances: jazz, dancehall and salsa and now ZUMBA!.
In 2009 they took the big step and became Friskis & Svettis instructors who have helped them a lot to find their way. Our goal together is to make you and others think it’s fun to train. Zumba has been Zumbatwinz´s  soul mate and there are so many reasons why we love it. Zumba makes people smile and be themselves. We are proud to say that we are part of the great Zumba family in the world with a passion for the exact same thing. Have a look at Zumbatwinz and let me know!.
More information coming soon…
Dance ZUMBA and Feelgood
By the way, Feelgood Womanhood