Daniel Craig in the American version of the Swedish film “Millenium”. Who will be Lisbeth Sallander?

Hi there!. Look what I have just found out!. Daniel Craig, the last Bond 007 is about to dig deep in the skin of a Swedish journalist, the Swedish actor Mikael Nyqvist in real life. Daniel Craig will be responsible for giving life to Mikael Blomkvist in the trilogy of ‘Millennium’, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Craig, currently filming the film with Harrison Ford Cowboys and Aliens, will begin the shooting in Sweden this autumn. Sony Pictures will produce the film, scheduled for release on December 21, 2011 with a screenplay adapted by Steve Zaillian. I wonder who will be the star for Lisbeth Sallander, the halv Swedish halv Spanish Noomi Rapace.
This trilogy is loved by millions of people worldwide and in Spain where it has been a social phenomen, shall we say, specially the first part, Men who hate women. I hope to be in Stockholm while shooting, and  will tell you more.
Something to look forward to. By the way, did you like the trilogy Millenium?
Enjoy the famous Swedish trilogy and Feelgood
Feel Womanhood with “Lisbeth Sallander”!