Wellcome to Spain, Marbella, Mrs Obama!, and you too.

Hello again!. Today I have had a busy day so I haven´t been able to writte to you but now the time has come. Before I have read this news on a magasine, my mother has just called from Spain to tell me, Mrs Obama is coming to Spain, Marbella to spend a few days of deserved holidays for sure.
Despite the reports made by some Spanish media about the Obama family vacation in Spain it has finally been confirmed that only Michelle Obama and her young daughter, Sasha, nine years, will spend a few days relaxing in the luxurious Marbella in the south of Spain. And yesterday, a senior official of the White House denied that Barack Obama were to accompany: “The president has no plans to go to Spain in August,” he said. The source revealed that at that time the U.S. president is scheduled to visit a plant of the Ford car company and also will host a forum for young African leaders, which will honor the 50th anniversary of the independence of 17 African countries. Obama, as the next August 4 turning 49 years old, will spend a few days with his family on Martha’s Vineyard, an exclusive island off the coast of Massachusetts, which were already last year.
I am sure Mrs Obama and her daughter are going to Feelgood in Spain
Wellcome to Spain and Feelgood
By the way, Feelgood Womanhood