Jennifer Aniston´s new fragance Lolavie at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico topless

Hi!. First Thank you all for your comments!. I am amazed and it is definely more than I expected taking into consideration I haven´t been blogging for such a long time. You make this much more fun!.
Well today I am going to talk about Jennifer, but not Jennifer Lopez (by the way Happy Birthday as yesterday J.lo became 41). I am talking about Jenniger Aniston a famous celeb that I do like very much and she seems to be a strong woman and a good business woman as well. The thing is every good famous Hollywood celeb that claims to be must have their own perfume as least. And our dearJennifer Aniston has just did it as well.
Finally she has her own perfume: Lolavie, an unusual name for her first fragrance, which she describes as “sexy, floral and smelling clean.”
Anniston presented Lolavie to the media, at the luxurious department storesHarrods of London.

But more newsworthy than the presentation of the perfume has been the advertising campaign itself.Look at the picture!. Pretty Jennifer appears on the beach of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, topless. And you have to admit that, at 41 years it is impressive.
Two impresive Jennifers, both 41, Jennifer Lopez and Aniston.🙂
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