Cool down with Misslopez tips

Hello verybody!. I am spending summer in Stockholm and I think it is difficult “to breath” as it is so warm!. In La Coruña, Galicia, Spain where I normally spend  summer vacation is close to the Athantic and the air is completely “breathable” :)not like here close to the Baltic. Anyway I give you some soft tips that can help you better cope with high summer temperatures. A lot it is about common sense!.
Drink water!. You need water at any time of year, but in summer this need increases considerably. The reason?Very simple: you sweat more and, therefore, we lose more water. Therefore, you must drink at least two liters a day. It will be good for your body and your skin so you will keep healthy and fit.
Feel light!. They are two of the major victims of the summer. With rising temperatures, swelling and heaviness in the legs. An immediate solution is to put your legs up at the end of the workday and, if you are lucky enough to be near the beach, nothing better than walking barefoot through the sand, fresh water, brushing against the legs.And keep in mind that the feet also suffer the rigors of the summer, supporting chafing and overheating. You should try to avoid closed shoes.
Not oily moisturizing textures!. During these hot months, oily moisturizers, no thanks! Not that at this time need not moisturize your skin, but what is certain is that this has to change, adapting to the climate of the moment. Thus, we must replace-dense oily lotion if you use them for the rest of the year by more light to be absorbed more quickly. The feeling for your skin will be much more enjoyable.
Use Vaporizers!. Thermal water, produce a delightful feeling in the face, providing an immediate freshness effect.
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Do you have a trick to combat the high temperatures?

Enjoy the summer heat and Feelgood